Participated in "#work_from_remote(home)" campaign

People's lifestyles and rhythms of life have changed dramatically with remote work, reducing travel time and increasing the amount of time spent at home and with family.

We hear that many facilities and shops are forced to operate with a small number of people because they are not able to use their original capacity to accommodate the three densities.

Municipalities that need to respond to all sorts of phone inquiries from residents, as well as large corporations with sales offices across the country, and managers of systems development and design firms that have a small number of employees to begin with, but have only themselves coming to work from home with employees working from home.

One of the obstacles to continuing to work remotely is answering the phone.

The problem may be avoided by having a small group of people who are coming to work answering the phone, making transfers, or setting up groups to receive calls.

We have started providing the "Delight Assistant" service (SaaS), an AI-based automated phone answering system, to solve the "telephone issues of remote working".

For local governments, we are offering this service free of charge if you apply within the period of time. We are also providing this service free of charge to up to 100 companies.

We would be happy if we could contribute to society by automating telephone answering.

Lastly, our Delight Assistant was developed for a marathon hosted by our company and has been in operation since June, when we started to sell this service to the public, taking into account the situation with the new coronavirus.

We would like to thank you for your support.