Major Feature Upgrades of "DELIGHT Assistant"

Convenient for holidays/consecutive holidays

All plans are now able to switch between holidays, hours, and days of the week.
Our user wanted  to change the guidance for incoming calls on weekends, holidays, and after-hours to weekdays, and to not accept messages.

Add recording link to paid plans

We have added a link to play the recording in the message mail.

Improving the accuracy of recognizing waiting time in conversations
In fact, AI voice recognition is good at fast speech. However, in actual messages, there are times when there are a few seconds of silence, such as when you are thinking while speaking! With the new version, the message will not be lost even if there are a few seconds of silence.

For more details. please check the following.

Function table by plan

Details of functions and how to use them


Our CEO, Hiroyuki ANNO's comment
In 2020, when we launched the AI phone service, we thought that there would be a need for AI phones because they were inferior to human operators but cheaper. As we interacted with our customers, we realized that there is a high need to promote DX, such as automation and review of business processes by linking APIs with customer databases and core systems, rather than simply replacing humans.
We would like to continue to improve our products and meet the needs of the world.

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