Selected FOR

We are excited to share the great news that we has been selected as one of the exclusive participants in the esteemed "GO AUSTRIA Individual program". This highly competitive program recognizes the potential of innovative startups from around the world and provides them with a platform to thrive and collaborate. As a chosen participant, we are set to embark on a remarkable journey of growth and opportunity in the European  market.

About the "GO AUSTRIA" Program:

The "GO AUSTRIA Individual program" , hosted by GIN Austria (Global Incubator Network), is a prestigious initiative aimed at promoting international startups with groundbreaking ideas. Every year, only 10 startups from overseas regions are handpicked for this program among applicants. This exclusive opportunity allows us to showcase our innovative solutions, connect with industry leaders, investors and explore potential collaborations on a global stage.

Program Benefits:

Selected startups in the "GO AUSTRIA" program receive a range of valuable benefits. we will be provided with a co-working space, granting us a conducive environment to work and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs. Additionally, the program covers the costs of relevant events and workshops, offering us access to invaluable networking opportunities. We are also grateful for the program covers flight costs and provides accommodation for 8 nights, ensuring our participation is comfortable.  More details.

Participation in ViennaUP'23:

As part of the "GO AUSTRIA" program, we will have the privilege of participating in ViennaUP'23, a highly anticipated event taking place from the 30th of May to the 7th of June 2023. Hosted by the Vienna Business Agency in Wien, Austria, this event is expected to draw over 10,000 attendees from various industries, including investors, potential clients, and industry experts. This presents a unique opportunity for us to showcase our innovative solutions, engage in meaningful conversations, and build valuable connections within the European market. More details.

Comment from our Founder, Hiroyuki ANNO:

I am delighted to have the chance to engage with potential clients and investors, as well as receive valuable feedback in the European market. This experience will be instrumental in furthering our growth and establishing strong connections within the international business community.