Earn "Genki Royalty Points" by exercising to win prizes and money



DELIGHT Corporation (Chiyoda, Tokyo), a sports business company, has announced that it had made the beta version of its DELIGHT.fit app - a health care smartphone application which allows users to earn points, known popularly as "Genki Royalty Points" ("Genki" means energy), through exercising - available for iOS and Android platforms as of December 12th (Monday).

As one of the world's most prominent aging nations, Japan is confronting various social issues such as increases in medical care expenses.
And with more and more people living into their 100s, many recognize the need and importance of maintaining healthy long lives.

Meanwhile, although the effectiveness of exercise towards maintaining health and combating lifestyle-related diseases has come to be acknowledged, the numbers of people who exercise regularly are still limited.

This app converts the energy spent playing sports or exercising into points, and is able to input them onto an Ethereum blockchain-based platform. Looking forward, through marathon races sponsored by our company, and through collaborative efforts with future prospective partners, etc., through the utilization of a "social infrastructure based on exercise," and through services which award prizes and money (including cryptocurrencies), we will help in the facilitation and promotion of exercise. Furthermore, if users choose to forfeit their winnings we will advance measures to allow donations to be made to charitable organizations on a global scale.

(i)Reference Materials
Current data regarding the rate of engagement in sports activities and national medical care costs:

Other information regarding exercise and health:

(ii) Project Video

(iii)Road Map

Beta version released December 2018 (basic functions test)
Contents of test:
• Connectivity to Apple Health Kit and Google Fit to acquire exercise data (at the time, number of steps taken)
• Points are calculated according to exercise data (number of steps taken) and input as blockchain data.

• Features (including the ability to send your points to others) and processing time

Beginning April 2019:
• The launch of a business service with the goal of making points exchange available.


About DELIGHT Corporation

We are sport business company organized in 2000. 

Vision statement

Practicing and promoting healthy thoughts like "Athletes are awesome. People can enjoy healthy and independent lives with the positive and confident thoughts created by exercise."


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